ASK THE AUTHOR: Why do I write stuff like I do?

Have you ever wondered why I write about quirky characters and small-town life? Why do I talk about the local holiday festivals and detail the daily events of the community? Can an author really be content writing about bingo fundraisers at the firehouse, and what’s happening at the local farmers market?

The truth is…I LOVE IT.  I grew up in small towns, with the same sort of characters and small shops and unpredictable weather that shows up in every book.  My childhood in Oregon involved lots of happy trips to the beach, when I wasn’t spending time on my grandparents’ farm. The people who populate my imagination sometimes also populate my memories.  I’ll tell you a secret…there are people and pets who have passed away in real life but who live again in the pages of my books.  Love doesn’t die, and they don’t, either.

I’ve been a writer for a long time, and it took me a bit to find my voice about what was important to me. It turned out I love to write stories that anyone in the family can read, that talk about the real relationships between people who care about each other. The news we hear every day is full of horrible tales about people doing terrible things, political fights, and horrible disasters. We are bombarded by wave after wave of depressing things.  If I can give someone a bit of break from that, by reading a simple book about small town life, then I will consider my efforts well spent.

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