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MISTLETOE, MOONLIGHT, and MURDER – coming in December 2016!

As someone who loves to read cozy mysteries, the holiday stories are my favorites. so I just couldn’t resist writing a Christmas one of my own.  Now available for pre-order, and due out mid-December 2016.

Mistletoe, Moonlight and Murder - now available on pre-order!

Mistletoe, Moonlight and Murder – now available on pre-order!

ONE… terrible mudslide
TWO… feet sticking out of it
THREE… carats of perfect diamonds

Amanda hadn’t expected snow for Christmas on the Oregon Coast, but her first winter in Ravenwood Cove brings out long-dead secrets that someone is desperately trying to hide…no matter the cost. Hot chocolate, merry decorations, and purring cats give way to police investigations and a search for a ruthless killer.

Ready to send out free advance reader copies…..EEEEK!

fearOkay, this is the scariest thing I’ve done in a LONG time. My novel, a PG-rated cozy mystery titled BED, BREAKFAST, and BONES will be through final edits this weekend, and free advance digital copies will be available on Sunday. You may remember this is the first book where I’ve told people my pen name, so having you all read it is a huge step for me.

If you are interested in reading it to help catch errors and give opinions, or if you’d like a free copy to read and then give an honest review on Amazon, please let me know at Carolyn@CarolynDeanBooks.com. I can send a Word doc (best for revisions), PDF, .mobi or .epub. Directions on how to download it to your Kindle can be included but I’ve found it to be problematic sometimes. Please IM me your email, and which version you would like. If you’d rather download from Amazon, i am expecting it be available in about a week, for 99 cents.  



Publishing Schedule!

So, here’s the scary part:  me putting my schedule out there for everyone to see.  Hold me to this, please, dear readers!