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Carolyn L. Dean - official author site

USA Today Best-selling Author of Cozy Mysteries

MISTLETOE, MOONLIGHT, and MURDER – coming in December 2016!

As someone who loves to read cozy mysteries, the holiday stories¬†are my favorites. so I just couldn’t resist writing a Christmas one of my own. ¬†Now available for pre-order, and due out mid-December 2016.

Mistletoe, Moonlight and Murder - now available on pre-order!

Mistletoe, Moonlight and Murder – now available on pre-order!

ONE… terrible mudslide
TWO… feet sticking out of it
THREE… carats of perfect diamonds

Amanda hadn’t expected snow for Christmas on the Oregon Coast, but her first winter in Ravenwood Cove brings out long-dead secrets that someone is desperately trying to hide…no matter the cost. Hot chocolate, merry decorations, and purring cats give way to police investigations and a search for a ruthless killer.


  1. Loved this 3rd book! From the very first page it draws you right into it! Practically read it straight through it was so good! Looking forward to the 4th book!

  2. Really enjoyed the first book. Moves at a fast pace and kept me very interested. Highly recommend.

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