SQUEEEE! My first paperback, and I got to hold it!

Ravenwood Cove's "Bed, Breakfast, and Bones"
Ravenwood Cove’s “Bed, Breakfast, and Bones”

I’m going to be just repulsively happy the rest of the day.  My first cozy mystery, BED, BREAKFAST and BONES, is now available in paperback!  I’ve been writing for ages and in the past two years have published ebooks and audiobooks, but it is still  amazing to be able to hold a physical copy of the book in my hands  🙂

4 thoughts on “SQUEEEE! My first paperback, and I got to hold it!”

  1. I loved this book. It was a quick, grab your attention read. I just wish Oscar had the chance to live up to his attack cat alter ego. Maybe in another book?

  2. Carolyn. I just finished all of the Ravenwood series. I love your books! They’re clean, cute, romantic, mysterious, and a joy to read! Keep writing!!!!!!

  3. I just finished Bed Breakfast and Bones. It was fun read and looking forward to your next Book ( I’m old I like books)
    How about sharing Amanda’s chocolate chi cookie recipe? Please!

  4. I just finished reading books 1&2 of the Ravenwood Series. I thoroughly enjoyed them. They’re lovely, warm mysteries, whose characters are
    totally relatable, and I look forward to reading more of the series. Thank
    you for your work.

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